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Identity Theft Is A Creation Of Both The Laws Of Nature And Man

The need or the desire to steal another person’s identity was created by both the laws of nature and the laws of man. Identity theft has been with man from the beginning of time. Today, it’s the fastest growing crime in the global community It is the crime of taking and using as one’s own the identity of another person without their consent. It is an intentional deceptive behavior that is designed to deprive the rightful owner of the continuous and uninterrupted enjoyment of his or her identity.

The first recorded report of this theft was found in Genesis 25:27-34 and 27:19-36, and addresses an issue created by the birth of twins. This reporting presents a clear picture of the second-born son desires to have the birthrights and blessings of the first-born son, The report presents a step-by-step procedure taken by the mother and her second-born son, to convince the blind father that he was giving the first-born blessings to his first-born son. The cleverness of the father’s ability to use all of his sensing faculties to make-up for his inability to see was equally impressive. The premeditated steps taken by the mother and her second-born son to counter the father’s cleverness in order to steal the first-born blessings, is an indication of the level of cleverness and determination today’s identity thieves will use to claim the identity of others for their personal usage.

Identity thieves steal identities for different reasons. In all cases the information needed to steal the identity of others, includes but is not limited to, the name, address, phone number, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers, medical records, bank account numbers, social security numbers, income information, or other personal information. Records at the drug store usually contains enough information to allow an identity thief to steal someone’s identity. According to the Non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center, identity theft can be subdivided into five categories:

  • Criminal identity theft which is posing as another person when apprehended for a crime.
  • Financial identity theft which is using another’s identity to obtain credit, goods, and/or services.
  • Identity cloning which is using another’s information to assume his or her identity in daily life.
  • Medical identity theft is using another’s identity to obtain medical care and/or drugs.
  • Child identity theft occurs when a minor’s social security number is used by another person for the imposter’s personal gain.

Once the personal identity has been stolen and put into use by a thief, it can takes months to stop the fraudulent use of the information, and it could take years to clean-up a good name and credit report. The good news is that there are ways to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft. One way is to engage the services of a big guard dog, mutilate or destroy all bank statements, credit cards with name address and accounts numbers on it before it becomes trash. Another way is to change passwords and never use the birthdate of a family member. Protecting yourself and your family from the horrors associated with identity theft that was created by the laws of both nature and man is an important job.

Identity Theft – Is it a Crime?

When it comes to identity theft anyone with a social security card is a potential victim. Personal data is obtained and stolen for the primary use of fraudulent activities including economic gain. Canada and the United States have reported funds being withdrawn from bank accounts and credit card advances. Some of the victims have faced the hard reality that someone is posing as them. In most cases the innocent ones are the ones that are tracked down by the law and every attempt is made to prosecute them. When this happens the financial burden is upon the victim to not only clear their name but any false charges that might have been given. Up to 1998 there were no laws on the books concerning this crime. In 1998 Congress stated that identity theft was a federal offense.

The danger in identity theft is that the consumer doesn’t know it until it is too late. It is often times when false applications have been approved and credit has been granted. The “real” person isn’t even aware what has happened. What usually happens is that the theft will send in approved credit card application but give a change of address. So that the invoice or monthly statement of that credit card doesn’t even go to the rightful person. When notice is given it usually is too late to recover the loss or even challenge that it was a fraudulent act. The majority of people end up filing for bankruptcy. Know the facts so you won’t be a victim.

A Thief in the Night – Identity Theft and How it Can Affect Me

Credit cards are now one of the most frequently used mode of payment. The convenience it gives is what lures people into using them. After all, who wouldn’t want the service that it offers; not having to bring too much cash on a shopping day, not needing to withdraw from an ATM machine with a long line, and one of its most convenient services, being able to shop online which does not require you to go out anymore.

As the online service is getting more and more popular, there are a lot of people who want to take advantage due to the fact that the internet does not require enough identification to confirm whether the user is in fact the owner of the credit account being used. This is where the crime of identity theft comes in.

Identity theft happens when thieves get a hold of your personal information enough for them to be able to run your account without anyone else knowing but them. Credit identity thieves often use your credit card or sometimes even cards to buy things for their selves. This often done over the internet but can be done in other ways as well.

Once identity thieves have gotten hold of the information that they need, they will strike at once which is why you, as a credit account owner, needs to take on the responsibility of having a regular self check on your credit account and reports. This way, you will know if your account has been tampered with.

These thieves will eat your money up in no time. Maybe in just a few hours or days, if the identity thief is in a quest to get your money, you will experience bankruptcy not only in one account, but also in the rest of your account that carries the same account name.

Identity theft is something very serious which should be dealt with immediately. Which is why when you feel or think that you are experiencing such theft, you need to first call to inform your credit agencies about the theft which you think is happening or has happened.

In doing this, the companies will stop and cancel all your credit card accounts so that the credit identity thief cannot touch your money anymore. Remember that credit identity thieves will not stop unless they are mandated to do so.

After informing your respective agencies, call some law enforcement back up. This will help them keep track of the movements of the identity thieves which might help them catch these thieves in the future.

Illegal Immigration Law – All About Crime in 2009

One of the biggest issues with our immigration laws is that often the criminal records of the countries people are coming from are so inaccurate or incomplete, we really have no way of knowing if they are legitimate or not. Thus, we let people into the country we shouldn’t. Of course that is only half of the dilemma and perhaps a small part of the real problem. You see, if a person has a criminal record and realizes that they will be denied citizenship in the USA, then they might simply choose to change their name and sneak in; using the illegal immigration method.

This is unfortunate because we really do not know who they are or if they are a criminal until they commit their first crime against a US Citizen’s property or person. Once they do, and “if” we catch them, they are finger printed and deported, of course, the United States has so much abundance and sneaking over the border to partake in it so simple that they come right back again and will most likely commit another crime.

Even if we punish these people by putting them in jail, the crimes that are committed such as theft, battery, assault, or even murder have already caused great harm to our nation and cost us in more police, jails, courts, and economic hardships. So, something must be done, the problem is that nothing is being done. You see, illegal immigration law is much about crime, so since it is 2009, isn’t it about time; that we fixed this crisis?