A Thief in the Night – Identity Theft and How it Can Affect Me

Credit cards are now one of the most frequently used mode of payment. The convenience it gives is what lures people into using them. After all, who wouldn’t want the service that it offers; not having to bring too much cash on a shopping day, not needing to withdraw from an ATM machine with a long line, and one of its most convenient services, being able to shop online which does not require you to go out anymore.

As the online service is getting more and more popular, there are a lot of people who want to take advantage due to the fact that the internet does not require enough identification to confirm whether the user is in fact the owner of the credit account being used. This is where the crime of identity theft comes in.

Identity theft happens when thieves get a hold of your personal information enough for them to be able to run your account without anyone else knowing but them. Credit identity thieves often use your credit card or sometimes even cards to buy things for their selves. This often done over the internet but can be done in other ways as well.

Once identity thieves have gotten hold of the information that they need, they will strike at once which is why you, as a credit account owner, needs to take on the responsibility of having a regular self check on your credit account and reports. This way, you will know if your account has been tampered with.

These thieves will eat your money up in no time. Maybe in just a few hours or days, if the identity thief is in a quest to get your money, you will experience bankruptcy not only in one account, but also in the rest of your account that carries the same account name.

Identity theft is something very serious which should be dealt with immediately. Which is why when you feel or think that you are experiencing such theft, you need to first call to inform your credit agencies about the theft which you think is happening or has happened.

In doing this, the companies will stop and cancel all your credit card accounts so that the credit identity thief cannot touch your money anymore. Remember that credit identity thieves will not stop unless they are mandated to do so.

After informing your respective agencies, call some law enforcement back up. This will help them keep track of the movements of the identity thieves which might help them catch these thieves in the future.

Illegal Immigration Law – All About Crime in 2009

One of the biggest issues with our immigration laws is that often the criminal records of the countries people are coming from are so inaccurate or incomplete, we really have no way of knowing if they are legitimate or not. Thus, we let people into the country we shouldn’t. Of course that is only half of the dilemma and perhaps a small part of the real problem. You see, if a person has a criminal record and realizes that they will be denied citizenship in the USA, then they might simply choose to change their name and sneak in; using the illegal immigration method.

This is unfortunate because we really do not know who they are or if they are a criminal until they commit their first crime against a US Citizen’s property or person. Once they do, and “if” we catch them, they are finger printed and deported, of course, the United States has so much abundance and sneaking over the border to partake in it so simple that they come right back again and will most likely commit another crime.

Even if we punish these people by putting them in jail, the crimes that are committed such as theft, battery, assault, or even murder have already caused great harm to our nation and cost us in more police, jails, courts, and economic hardships. So, something must be done, the problem is that nothing is being done. You see, illegal immigration law is much about crime, so since it is 2009, isn’t it about time; that we fixed this crisis?

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Hand Over The Console: The Fake PS3 Theft And Other Crimes

When the new Play Station 3 came out, people were doing anything they could to get a unit for themselves. People were camping out all night, pre-ordering, looking online for deals, absolutely anything. They’d stop at nothing to lay their hands on a PS3 gaming console. Some have been known to resort to illegal means.

Take the case of two 19-year-old employees at a Gamestop in Elk Grove, a suburb of Sacramento, California. They grabbed four machines and then told the management that armed robbers had busted in and taken them. Of course they were caught, and now they are facing some serious charges: embezzlement, burglary, conspiracy and filing a false police report. Those turned out to be pretty expensive gaming consoles.

Here’s how it went down. The day before the PS3’s were to be released, the Gamestop employees called the police, saying that they’d been held up at gunpoint, and the robbers took the four coveted gaming consoles. The police won’t divulge any particular details, but someone tipped them off that the robbery was a conspiracy of some sort. Also, there was evidence that wasn’t consistent with their stories, indicating that they hadn’t planned things out as well as maybe they should have.

At first, the police suspected the guys knew the masked gunmen. Then, they figured out that there weren’t ever any masked gunmen at all, and that the two had simply taken the machines. They were arrested within a few days, but that didn’t stop all the game stores in the metro area and even beyond from hiring extra security to keep tabs on things.

What happened to the machines? They were probably sold on eBay. Nobody knows, actually, and probably nobody will ever know. They were gone instantly, and the perpetrators used the money to get themselves out on bail.

This isn’t the only PS3 theft. Here are some of the other stories of desperate people taking the law into their own hands, risking their freedom and livelihoods to get a free video game console:

-In Hawaii, a man in an SUV pulled up, got out, and hit a total stranger with a baseball bat, demanding that he turn over his PS3. The attack was unsuccessful, so the man got into his SUV and drove off.

-An 18-year-old in North Carolina stole two PS3’s from another student, and when confronted by the police, they shot and killed him! According to the official reports, the police shot his dog, too.

-In December 2006, robbers stole 180 PS3’s out of a warehouse in Nakashi, Japan. The theft occurred in the middle of the morning sometime and will cost Sony more than $80,000. The Japanese police are now investigating the theft, and trying to determine if it might have been an inside job.

-After a woman in Florida got her brand new PS3, a man followed she and her brother to her home and held them at gunpoint, demanding she hand over the console. She did what any reasonable person would do – she handed it over.

-Some hardcore thieves actually came into a gaming store by burrowing in the back way, and stole 13 consoles that turned out to be just display boxes. When they realized they had ripped off a bunch of empty boxes, they went back and grabbed some XBox 360’s.

In addition to these stories, there have been reports of muggings and robberies as people camped out to get their brand new PS3 units. The PS3 is expensive and a bit tough to get your hands on, but is it really worth the risk?

Finding Asbestos Mesothelioma Legal Information

There are many people who are concerned about this type of cancer caused by too much exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma legal information is very much needed in order for them to know the ways and means to combat this kind of disease legally. Looking for legal information can really give them a guide of what they will do next. This is in connection to health-related issues that is why knowing the legal information is quite important.

One good way to get that needed information is by consulting a lawyer. With their expertise in this issue, they can give you the exact legal information of your concern. Today there are many lawyers who are in need of cash and this type of problem is what they like most because there are many people involved who are willing to pay on whatever price so finding a good lawyer is very hard to do. You should research the history of a certain lawyer if he already solved a similar case before. Doing this can let you save time and effort in finding a good lawyer that can give you those legal information.

In libraries, there are many references that can be scanned to get asbestos mesothelioma legal information. You should also take a look at the publishing year of that book in order to get updated. This type of cancer is not new so there are many published books about this and as the years has passed there are new and existing laws and issues that are added so looking at the publishing year of the book is essential.

You can also find information online because there are many sites that deal with this issue. Just like offline, you should also be careful in giving out money because there are many scam sites that are ready to take your money away. There are many cases of this type of cancer and it is up to you to take whatever it is that you find helpful in order to have the information that you need.